LIFESTYLE: Cajun Women Quit Shaving as Weather Turns Cold

LIFESTYLE: Cajun Women Quit Shaving as Weather Turns Cold

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Emotions were stirring today as Gina Facheaux (pictured) showed up today to Holly Beach today with sasquatch-like body hair. When asked about her legs, which were quite a distraction to the other beach goers, she stated “well, the summer is ended soon, cher! It’s not like I’m at the beach at Grand Isle or anything. I was under the impression that since I’d be in Cameron, that all women would look like this.”

She did sense the mild discomfort as gawkers gazed upon the spiders crawling from her bathing suit bottom. “It’s like wearing pajamas out to the store. Why get dressed up if I’m just going to Walmart? It’s not like I’m going to Billeauds meat market.”

With the summer coming to a close, we should all remind ourselves that it is still acceptable to maintain our bodies and hygiene. Even if it’s “just Holly Beach,” keep in mind that you at least have to remain more attractive than the dead catfish carcasses that the kids have to avoid stepping on.