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A protected order was filed at the New Iberia courthouse today as local man, Roger Fontenot, was found to be continuously sending duck pics to a woman that he used to work with at a feed store.

“I’m really not sure what is problem is. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, except for when he was drinking. I asked him not to message me at 1am anymore, but to no avail, I get a notification, or sometimes even a knock at my door, and BAM there’s Roger with another duck pic. I got tired of his constant barrage of duck pics, so I found a job elsewhere and filed a restraining order.”

The picture in question was sent to the New Iberia police department.

“He asked me if I wanted to see a photo of him blowing bubbles. I hesitated and then said, “sure.” The photo itself has been blurred as the investigation is ongoing, but from what we have gathered, the duck’s name is Bubbles.