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You may recognize this lizards sweet face, but did you ever imagine that he could be a stone cold THUG? Reports say that the GEICO lizard, well known for his commercials and Cockney accent was jailed today after the brutal assault of a 10 year old child.

10 year old Cody Leger reports from Teche Regional Hospital in Morgan City, Louisiana, “I was just playing with my Super Soaker outside of Meemaw’s house when I saw a lizard. I have a little cage to put the lizards that I catch in that my Pawpaw made me and when I finally caught him, his take came off and he yelled “Oi!” That’s when I freaked out and he assaulted me.”

The child will be released this evening and will have to attend wound care for the next few months. Meanwhile, the GEICO lizard remains in jail at the Morgan City Sheriff’s Office. When SS Media met with the offender he simple stated, “Oi! I’m not a lizard. I’m a bloody gecko. How hard is that? He rip off me tail! It’s rubbish, the charges are rubbish. This is complete bullshit! I want a lawyer, stated the gecko.”

We never would have thought, but review of state and federal records shows that the Geico lizard (gecko) has a violent past. More news as it develops.