Contestant on Masterchef just tried to feed Gordon Ramsay nutria rat, ALL CAJUNS BANNED NOW. THANKS A LOT.

All Cajuns now banned from the show Masterchef after man stuffs ratatouille pasta inside of a nutria and tries to serve it to the judges. Gordon Ramsay is furious!

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MasterChef is an American competitive cooking reality show based on the original British series of the same name, open to amateur and home chefs. The show has hosted both adult and children amateur chefs, the first ever winner of the American series being a woman who is completely blind. We’ve seen good chefs, we’ve seen bad chefs, we’ve seen laughter, tears, and dreams shattered by the angry, yet lovable British chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Local chef Zack Cormier from Pierre Part, Louisiana is the first Acadian (or Cajun) to be on the show. The show has had many Southerners before, but they truly did not know what they were getting into this time. Cormier survived the first three rounds of the show, and honestly he just creeped everyone out a little, so we’re thinking that maybe they were looking for a reason to “chop” him from the roster. It did not take long until Cormier fell on his own sword.

The judges watched as Cormier made a unique, interesting ratatouille out of the ingredients that he grabbed from the back room. He added some Tony Chachere’s, some Garlic Power, and even some andouille sausage. It was at this time that the judges began wondering, “Hey. Where is he getting this stuff? We don’t have andouille on set.”

When it was time for presentation, Chef Gordon was absolutely horrified by what he saw.

Celebrity chef/judge Christina Tosi states, “We look on the table and there’s this big, furry rat looking dog thing!” We were so astounded that we just let the cameras continue rolling. Cormier stated, “Well, I knew that I needed to take a risk and do something a little wild, so I brought Yeti cooler full of extra ingredients, including a nutria that I killed on the bayou a week prior.

Chef Ramsay told the amateur chef on camera. “This is bloody unbelievable. You make a wonderful andouille ratatouille, which is my absolute favorite dish in the world, and I look to the table, and I see a LITERALLY RATATOUILLE ON THE TABLE!!” Chef Ramsay is often angry on camera, part of his persona, but it was different this time. “You literally brought a nutria from your backyard and stuffed it with your dish. Is this a joke? Are you trying to be funny. This is absolutely rubbish!”

“And then, the nutria isn’t even fully cooked. At least have the decency to cook it completely. This dish is so rare that it’s destroying the Louisiana wetlands. It’s skin is so oily that BP is hiring in Lafayette right now to set up an exploratory drilling rig. It’s teeth are SO orange that it looks like it’s diet consisted of Chick-o-sticks. It smells so swampy that I need to be in an airboat to eat it.”

Needless to say, Zack Cormier was sent home on last nights episode and we highly doubt that there will be another Cajun on Masterchef. Thanks for ruining everything for us, Zack.