CONFIRMED: Hillary Clinton Smells Like Hot Dogs

It's like she drinks hot dog water 24/7, yuck!
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You’ve heard it all over the news, the airwaves, the internet, Hillary Rodham Clinton smells like hot dogs. Is there any truth to it? We sent an investigative to Chappaqua, New York team to look into this scandal.
As it turns out, Hillary has been away from the public eye since losing the 2016 Presidential Election to Donald J. Trump. Our team tracked her down not in D.C., not in NY, but in a RV trailer park in Delcambre, Louisiana. Our lead reporter, Brad Klumpp, pursued Mrs. Clinton like a silent ninja for weeks on end.

Here’s a candid photo of Hillary Clinton exercising in her front yard.

Hillary makes the RV park smell like a Weenie-Bago. There is no doubt in our teams mind. It’s unknown whether this is a natural odor, or if it is because of her diet. We’re assuming that she would have to drink at least 3.5 gallons of hot dog water a day, but we have yet to find any transactions from Oscar Mayer. Even so, how does one get enough hot dog brine to do that. This would also explain her appearance, as it is obvious that the nitrates have affected the way she looks.

Wiki-leaks released emails in July 2016 that shows her love affair with the food.

She has become a hermit, closed off from society since the weiner-takes-all run for the Presidency. She has been very frank about her feelings toward Donald J. Trump. Remember that you heard it here first at Southern Satire dot com!