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Welcome to Pandemic New Iberia. The board game asks you to take on the roles of popular jobs of New Iberia, Louisiana: cashier at Super One, hostess as Chili’s, Catholic priest, garbage man, etc. The idea is to cure the pandemic, the oilfield slump that has laid off many of the inhabitants needs a solution to get baw back to work.

You must travel via pirouge, tractor trailer, Huffy, old beat up Mustang, Ford F-150, etc, while distributing supplies to the New Iberian populace that includes resumes, work boots, Crocs, and Bud Light.

These are the game pieces!

You can travel the streets of Iberia Parish, Admiral Doyle, South Louis Street, etc. The idea is to get the workers to go work in the salt mines at Avery Island or in the canefields. It is an all ages game and is for sale on Amazon for $29.99.

Contents: Rulebook, 1 Game Board, 7 Role Cards, 7 Pawns, 69 Player Cards, 5 Reference Cards, 48 Infection Cards, 96 Disease Cubes (24 in 4 colors), 14 Purification Tokens, 20 Railroad Tokens, 1 Prevention Token, 4 Research Markers, 1 Infection Rate Marker, 1 Outbreaks Marker, 4 Hospitals, 5 Challenge Cards, 1 Art Book