Featuring SpOoKy Sharon Moss!
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Halloweentown is a 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie directed by Duwayne Dunham. It is the first installment in the Halloweentown series.

The film begins with the children crossing into Halloween Town via a portal in Sharon Moss’ closet.

What many fail to realize is that in the Director’s Cut, the children cross into Halloween Town via a portal in the closet of the antagonist, Sharon Moss.

Scene from the movie Halloween Town featuring Lafayette’s Sharon Moss.

In the Director’s Cut, the main character Marnie learns that she is a witch that comes from a long history of witches. You can see in the above scene that Spooky Sharon Moss counts her beloved jewels, potions, and JO crystals. The children find their way into Halloween Town, full of supernatural creatures, and must stop the evil Sharon Moss, the Mayor of Halloween Town, from the evil that is spreading in the town, which causes humans in the real world to become pumpkins.

There is one thing that is true in this film, and it is that Moss is indeed Boss.

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