Man kneels for marriage proposal, WOMAN WALKS OUT.
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True patriot Naomi Jones flat out REFUSES her boyfriend of seven years marriage proposal after he has the audacity to KNEEL.

“All of these troops died for our flag and our anthem and he has the gall to KNEEL right in front of me, God, and everybody. I love him and all, but I decided that it was over,” says Naomi.

In acts of true patriotism, American’s have been boycotting NFL games and other sports where athletes have decided to take a knee in solidarity to bring attention to police brutality against young black men. Naomi, a frequenter of the infamous KATC comment section, has always been one to speak her mind, even if she’s completely wrong.┬áSouthern Satire spoke to the sad sap that tried to propose marriage this way.

“Man, I don’t even f$**%ing watch sports!” says Gerald.

Good, Gerald! Maybe this will teach you to take a knee in this country!



  1. She has NO clue what a true patriot is or what the American flag truly stands for……”FOR which it stands…” She did him a favor and walked off with her hysterical temper tantrum and “PHONEY Patriotism”! A true patriot defends our freedoms of the first amendment and NOT just the second, the right to vote for every legal citizen, TRUE freedom of religion and not just for Christians and the list goes on. The country is divided by hate and intolerance with DJT fanning the flames.