DHS tests new border wall by surrounding Billeaud's with wall prototype and offering free boudin and cracklins to locals.
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Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is heading a joint effort today with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as they test prototypes for President Trump’s border wall that will span the Mexican border (and hopefully New Iberia).

They will be testing if it can be climbed, dug under, cut, blown up, etc. They chose a Cajun icon to test the prototypes because they want someone to WANT to cross the wall by any means, and they want their heart in it, their ingenuity. What better way to do this than to build a wall around Billeaud’s in Broussard, Louisiana and then offering free boudin and cracklins to the public?

A local Cajun man climbs Trump’s weak-ass border wall prototype in hopes of reaching some free Billeaud’s boudin and cracklins, sha.

Thus far, we’ve same many groups of Cajuns trying to scale the wall to Billeaud’s. One man drove up in a friction crane from a local pipe yard. Another group of men shot their rifles at it and screamed obscenities. There were groups trying to catapult each other over, Ford F-150s tying tow straps to it, and locals from Rok Haus began applying climbing rocks to it. One doofus even tried to bore a hole into it with a horizontal top drive with drill pipe mounted to a semi-truck.

How would you cross the border wall for some free boudin?