DJT tries to bring back the New Iberia Haircut.
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It’s no doubt. When you’re going out to Lafayette, and you wanna look your best, get a New Iberia haircut. It’s the best haircut yet.

Who’s the best at making things great again? Donald J. Trump, I guess. Anyhow, recently President Trump stopped in New Iberia, Louisiana because he had to take a MAD dump. To his surprise, he saw a man with a fine, fine haircut and inquired about it.

“What is that? That haircut! It’s greatest haircut. There’s never been better haircut than that. I have to have it,” said President Trump. He immediately got a New Iberia haircut after he finished eating his Popeye’s with a knife and fork.

Here is the man that DJT saw at the Popeyes that he stopped to take a shit in.

When Donald Trump stood up from getting his hair cut, he looked in the mirror and said, “Baaaaaaaaawww!” He was absolutely elated. The President has promised to put the Presidency on the back-burner for right now, because what is truly important is Making the New Iberia Haircut Great Again. No longer will it be baws from da Berry gettin’ cuts to go start fights at Cowboy’s in Lafayette. Every man, woman, and child will want one. He also said that thinks that Melania would be totally hot with one and would “grab her by the haircut.”

Who’s next? Do you think he can inspire Kim Jong Un to represent the Berry?