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Do you love video games? Do you love swamp boats? Have you ever wanted to pilot a swamp boat IN A VIDEO GAME? Who hasn’t?!

Imagine Super Mario Brothers, but instead of plumbers you’re a airboat captain in Morgan City, Louisiana. Every morning you put down your boat in Atchafalaya and go catch monster nutria rats. The only thing is that the King of the Shrimp & Petroleum Festival, none other than Wayne Toups, is wreaking havoc on the kingdom. You must pilot your airboat through the swamps (smellin’ like straight ass), and battle vicious alligators, debris from Lake Palourde, and dodge cypress knees. You fight battles with your tactical air boat unit with a cannon mounted on the very front. You must collect beer cans for health.

Here you can see the captain outside of his airboat.

When you make your way out of the swamp and to the sea wall, you must battle the motorcycle hippies that live under the bridge for a week without showering at the S&P festival and loot the arts & crafts for materials. In the end, you fight Grammy winner Wayne Toups as he does fat rails of blow on stage and attacks you with an accordion.

Don’t sleep on Swamp Boater! This is going to be a hot seller at Slick Sam’s!