Batshit crazy old lady handing out live crawfish for Halloween wtf.
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It’s no surprise that Mildred Duhon from Carencro has been off her rocker these past few years, but this Halloween really brings it home. Locals in the community complained because Mildred has been sitting outside of her home at the door every night for the past 11 days as she thinks it’s Halloween every day apparently. The children in the community don’t mind much as it means a free treat every evening.
A line was drawn on Halloween when Mildred was found with a big party bowl full of live crawfish and she was placing in them in tricker-or-treaters bags and buckets. Who does that??

Duhon was found with this bowl full of live crawfish that she had fished out of the ponds in Jennings and was putting them into children’s buckets.

When police arrived at her door, she started yelling gibberish about ghouls and winging live crawfish at Carencro police officers. “We tried to approach her and resolve the situation low-key, but the batshit crazy Meemaw hit me in the face with a live crawfish? I mean, who does that??”
Duhon was taken into police custody but later released. No charges have been filed. If you live in Carencro, we’re telling all of the children that she’s a crazy old witch so that they don’t go anywhere near her house. This is weird and unacceptable behavior.