Commenters cumulatively scored a 7, which doctors say fall under the category of "profound mental retardation."
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Recently, the federal government conducted a test in an effort to find the cumulative score via an Intelligence Quotient survey. The test was performed by a company called BrainMetrix based out of Washington D.C. Intelligence is measured by valid IQ tests, and IQ scores differ widely between individuals. The average IQ score is 100 and scores are spread out in what is called a ‘bell curve’ shown below where percentages in the general population are shown. In this diagram 68% of the population have an IQ between 85 and 115.

The scientists that performed the study were astounded. “How have they survived this long?,” asks Chief Scientist Blake A. Robicheaux P.hD of BrainMetrix, who has a perfect score of 164 which means he’s an absolute genius with superior intelligence.

“The next study will be more in depth as we would like to perform brain scans and see exactly how these people made it this far in life. Are they hunters? Gatherers? Foragers? Is there something in the Bud Light? We need to know the answers to this question as the results came back -7. We didn’t even know that this was possible. The lowest we’ve ever seen is a 23, and this qualifies the entire KATC comment section in the category of “Profound Mental Retardation,” stated Doctor Robicheaux.

IQ Distribution of Population provided by Dr. Robicheaux of BrainMetrix.

What we do know is that the federal government, the EPA, CPS, etc, have been called in to take a deeper look into what is happening in this community as they are going to provide assistance for the challenged that were discovered. You know how the saying goes: If you can’t be #LafayetteSmart, be #LafayetteStrong.