Due to budgetary constraints, the New Orleans Saints have traded in private jets and invested in this rolling heap.
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Times are rough in the NFL right now. The New Orleans Saints are 4-2 and 1st in the NFC South. In order to conserve funds so that they still pay Drew Brees the $60 billion dollars that they pay him, they have made some cutbacks.  The first order of business was to cut travel costs. No more private planes and chartered jets. No more limos and red carpet arrivals. It’s time to be modest and return to humble beginnings.
Luckily, we’ve picked up this sweet whip, the Who Dat Express! Beep, beep, motherf(#$er! Originally a garbage truck, it’s been cleaned, sanitized, and retrofitted with bench seating inside of the truck bed. Even better, with the stroke of a button Coach Payton and just slam a button and dump them all out at the stadium.

In the cab of the Who Dat Express, you can see where Coach Payton and Drew Brees will be sitting on their road games. Pretty sweet, right?

Hopefully, things will improve soon and we can retire the Who Dat Express. With the boycotts of the NFL, the oil & gas revenue declining, and Drew Brees getting older and slower, it’s just been a tough time for our guys. You wouldn’t believe how many paper bags can fit in this bad boy.

The Who Dat Express tour bus will be proudly on display at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday, October 29th. You can see our boys in black & gold arrive on this sweet-ass converted garbage truck with pride. Don’t miss it as they play the Chicago Bears at 8am Central time!