Everyone at the office dresses up like Dominoes, Karen doesn't get it, no one mad.
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This week for Halloween, everyone at the office decided to dress up like Dominoes. Easy, right? But, noooo. Karen didn’t get the memo. Well, she did, but Karen took it upon herself to do her own thing, AGAIN!

Every year the staff at Fatburger dresses up in similar costumes, but not this year. In honor of New Orlean’s owns Fats Domino, whom passed away last week, the staff dressed up as dominoes. Easy, right? Well, and then there’s Karen. Say no more, we’ve all worked with a damn Karen. Karen Touchet, the office blonde, showed up at the office party as a goddamn pizza. I mean, it’s kind of a pain because the office photo is always put in the hallway for Halloween. It shows the company’s synergy and how they all work together, dress alike, etc, but Karen’s a fucking pizza.

People are agitated, but not really mad, because she did bring in a few pizzas, but they weren’t even from Domino’s pizza. Her cheap ass went to Little Caesar’s for those bogus pizzas that cost like $5. Seriously, Karen? You couldn’t go to Costco at the least, no even Domino’s Pizza itself? No. Karen went to Little Caesar’s, ol’ pizza-pizza ass.

So yeah, classic Karen. It just upset the staff more because they remember the college struggle of living off of Cici’s which was torn down and replaced with a Panera bread with $11 salads. Everyone is livid. To top it off, it was all gluten-free crust. Thanks, KAREN.