Mackenzie Bourg, a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, has been chosen as the newest muppet on the cast of The Muppet Show.
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MacKenzie Bourg is an American singer-songwriter originally from Lafayette, Louisiana. He is known of loved by his community, gaining his initial stardom from competing and placing fourth in the fifteenth and final season of American Idol. Prior to this, he competed on the third season of The Voice in which Cee-Lo Green turned around and stated, “Damn. I didn’t know Muppets would be performing.”

Here is the photo that intrigued the Muppet Show to reach out to Bourg. You can clearly see that he is a walking, talking creation by Jim Henson.

After returning home from Hollywood, Bourg worked as a cashier at Gamestop, a stocker at Toys ‘R Us, and just recently found seasonal work as a dam builder with a local beaver pack. He was delighted with the news from the Jim Henson Company as they wanted him to join the Muppet Show. We reached out to the Jim Henson Company and asked what intrigued them to cast MacKenzie:

Well. Frankly, he just looks like a Muppet and we’d have to pay him a lot less than the cost to make one. We were digging in the dumpster behind Jim Henson’s mansion for thrown-away Muppets that we could reimagine, but he’ll do. He looks like a bootleg Muppet to be honest. The best part is that his last name is Bourg which was likely Borque, but he changed it for Hollywood because Bourqe rhymes with “dork.” -Jim Henson Co. Official Statement

Here, Bourg is crying because he’s so relieved that he doesn’t have to work with the beaver damn crew anymore.

We can only hope that he’s a great character on the show.It also seems like there may be chemistry between him and Miss Piggy, considering she looks like many of the women back in his hometown. Miss Piggy is newly single as Kermie left her because she was being abusive to him. Tune into the Muppet Show and support a local Acadian next week!