Louisiana's KPEL anchor has flub on air.
KPEL Bernadette Lee was given a hard reboot today after getting stuck on repeat on air.
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On Air KPEL Flub Leads To Bernadette Lee Hard Reboot

Early this morning, Acadian’s found themselves perplexed following KPEL’s morning report after anchor and personal celebrity Bernadette Lee gets stuck on repeat again. Bernadette Lee is known for her iconic voice, cadence, and delivery, ending her reports with “Iiiii’m Berndette Leeeee.”

The morning traffic report was followed by many phone calls as the anchor was found to be stuck again. Ken Romero stopped struggling with the Keurig, sighed deeply, and began to search frantically for Bernadette’s off switch so that he could cycle her programming. Having no luck, the picked up the office Batphone and called fellow android Bobby Novosad. Novosad is commonly known around Acadiana as a robot planted in the region via North Korea for spying purposes. Of course, there’s no good dirt in the area so North Korea abandoned the cyborg, his AI not being updated since 1993. He has currently been upgraded to Android Kitkat however.

After consulting the Bobby Novosad, Ken chose to unplug Bernadette from the wall via her USB type C power adapter and plug her back then. He also contemplated hooking her up to the light switch so that he can instantaneously perform hard reboots for when she gets stuck on repeat. This also happened last week which led to a on air mishap which stated that the JFK Files pointed to Hillary Clinton as the REAL JFK assassin despite her not even being born yet.

But her emails!
It’s true, she did it despite not even being born yet!

Listeners are urged to assist KPEL news by calling in whenever Bernadette Lee gets stuck on repeat, which happens pretty often. The station is also considering upgrading her firmware to a more stable version that will allow immediate soft-reboots when the anchor is stuck. Thanks for listening, I’mmmmmmm Berndatte Leeeeeeeeeeeee.