Adm Doyle of the US Cajun Navy
Adm Doyle led the charge in the Battle of Iberia via the Cajun Navy where he helped rescue some stuck Pool-d'eau in the Bayou Teche (photo is from Stolen Valor, not a real servicemember).
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We reflect upon the Battle of New Iberia where Cajun Navy Veterans fought to a liberate a Pool-d’eau from a crawfish trap on the Bayou Teche with Admiral Doyle.

On 11/11/2017, we celebrate all veterans in service to the United States of America, past and present. This holiday, we would like to recognize Admiral Doyle for his service to the United States Cajun Navy. He is a veteran of the Battle of New Iberia.

The Cajun Navy was called in on a brisk morning after a shrimp boat captain in the Port of Iberia found some Pool-d’eau stuck in a crawfish trap. For those that don’t know, a “Pool-d’eau” is Cajun French for a swamp bird called the American Coot (Fulica Americana, BYE FULICA!) They’re a pretty gross bird with scaled, green feet that assist them in traversing the wetlands. Pool-d’eau is Cajun French for “water-chicken” by the way.

Southern Heartland Arduous Response Team
The Cajun Navy is a the Southern Heartland Arduous Response Team (SHART) started by Admiral Doyle, Ambassador Caffery, and Seaman Johnston.

Admiral Doyle sailed the USS Johnston through the Port of Iberia and worked tirelessly with his Cajun Navy crew to free the stuck Pool-d’eau birds from the crawfish trap. “We lost a lot of good men out there,” Adm. Doyle remembers tearfully in his memoirs. While freeing the pool-d’eau, the Cajun Navy’s skiff got caught in an abandoned shrimp net and the boat began to sink. It was the biggest loss in Cajun Navy history.

Admiral Doyle of New Iberia was also honored by the United States Navy by naming a ship after him, the USS Doyle. The frigate (FFG 39) is a Oliver Hazard Perry class of guided missile frigates. You may also remember our story about the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier being converted into an AR-63 mega-assault rifle weapon.

Today, we honor Admiral Doyle and will be holding a parade for him in downtown New Iberia on Admiral Doyle Street next to Starbucks, which is famous for their new, seasonal holiday cups that feature Satan.

Cajun Pool-d'eau
The crossed, fighting Pool-d’eau is a Cajun Navy Insignia that was is used as a Warfare Device that is worn on the Cajun Navy uniform, a blue Magellan fishing shirt.
Disclaimer: The photo of the “service-member” used in this article is from and is not a real US veteran, thus not deserving of any respect. Happy Veteran’s Day from -Site Owner/Admin, former AT2(AW) Blake A. Robicheaux, United States Navy.