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Your baby desires boudin, whether you know it for not!

From Newborn to 4-6 months old, it was thought that the only food your little one needed was mother’s milk. That is no longer the case. Gerber has released a variety of Cajun products that meet the nutritional need of young Cajun babies. The product that we’re are most excited about is Gerber Graduates ‘Baby’s First Boudin.’ Have a link, cher!

With all of those oilfield hands now at home in Southern Louisiana, there has been quite a baby-boom. In honor of this, Gerber foods has released a new line of baby-food that features Cajun food and soul food. Did you just have a baby? Would you like to ensure that little baby Andouille or Baw Jr. is on the right track when it comes to nutrition? Do you want to see baby Karen-Crow or lil’ Pecan grow up strong-strong like dat? Well, we have a product for you.

h/t to CajUUUn Memes and Spain Elder
With Cajun baby boom in Louisiana’s most common names in 2017 according to Women & Children’s Hospital and Lafayette General Hospital.

These baby boudin bites are about 150 calories each with 5 grams of healthy fat. They’re made with low sodium Tony’s and have over 17 grams of protein. We were born and raised on boudin, and we came out okay, so purchase Gerber Baby’s First Boudin for Lil’ Podnah and get him started right. For more nutrition facts, please see myfitnesspal. We appreciate the Gerber company and their dedication to the Cajun Baby Boom. Now we just need more oilfield jobs so that we can get these bebs to work!

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