Cajun Baby Names
Cajun Baby Names are in high demand this year due to oilfield layoffs and bandwagon Saints fans boycotting the season. They makin babies, yall!
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Cajun Baby Names are a hot, trending item as Acadiana sees an increase in births in the region.

Cajun baby names data
Google Trends shows a sharp increase in “Cajun Baby Names” being searched in the past 9 months.

Google Trends shows that the variable “Cajun Baby Names” has been search over 90,363 times per month for the past 9 months. Usually, a baby boom occurs after serviceman return home from a war or during a time of economic variance.

One can assume that the t-boys out on the rigs were laid off, they returned home, and Jody stopped coming around, so Acadian women started gettin’ busy with their husbands again.

Also, with the New Orleans Saints experiencing a “boycott” from bandwagon fans expressing their distaste for Colin Kaepernick kneeling during NFL games, our scientists at Southern Satire Labs have concluded that this a prime time for the Cajuns to being their mating ritual. Of course, that’s if they haven’t taken up morse code and ham radio as a hobby, as per our friends at The Daily Crawfish.

Cajun Baby Names
With Cajun baby boom in Louisiana’s most common names in 2017 according to Women & Children’s Hospital and Lafayette General Hospital.

Our friend at Cajun Memes Official consulted with our staff and our scientists, as well as the local hospitals. We scoured birth records and found that these are the most common, popular baby names of 2017. It includes Baw Jr, Andouille (‘Douille for short) Lil Podnah, Ali-Landry, Pecan, Karen-Crow, lil Beignet,, and Turducken (T-Turdie for short).

There’s at least one occurrence documented of a couple trying to bring a nutria rat into a live birth in a pool and wanting to name the child (nutria rat hiss). We wish the best for lil’ beb and his unique name.

What do you think about the top Cajun Baby Names of 2017? What will be your spawns Cajun name?