Forming the Void
POSERS: Stoner Rock Band Forming The Void Doesn't Even Smoke Pot
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Forming the Void labeled as total posers for being too wholesome.

Forming the Void is a heavy rock band from Southern Louisiana that formed in 2013. The band has a unique sound that is tough to classify, which undoubtedly makes them a band to watch as they’re very dynamic.

They’ve been called heavy rock, metal, progressive sludge, doom, atmospheric, psychedelic, and are usually referred to as an Stoner Rock band by their worldwide fanbase.

The band consists of members James Marshall, Shadi Omar Al-Khansa, Luke Baker, and Thomas Colley. Their albums consist of 2015’s Skyward and 2017’s Relic, both of which have topped the Doom charts.

They are influenced by bands such as Mastodon, Tool, The Sword, Kyuss, Torche, Gojira, and Nickleback. The music review team interviewed the band for an upcoming piece and was appalled to find that this Stoner Rock band doesn’t even smoke marijuana.

Forming the Void texting mom
Wholesome – Band members text message their mothers to let them know that they have arrived at practice safely.

Stoner rock is typically slow-to-mid tempo and features a heavily distorted, groove laden bass-heavy sound, melodic vocals, and “retro” production. The name also references cannabis consumption. Fans totally show up expecting this culture however, they show up to see completely sober, well dressed “metalheads” with perfect hair and wonderful beards. Also, they actually know what they’re doing musically vice just playing the same chord over and over again like other Doom bands in the area.

I mean, have you even seen Shadi’s hair? He’s rumored to use shampoo from Ulta, the high end stuff, and probably even conditions it as well.

High end shampoo
This was found backstage at a Forming the Void show. The band regularly shampoos and conditions before and after each show.

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Check out Forming the Void’s latest album Relic on Spotify.