Dirty Rice
New Iberia rapper MC Dirty Rice drops his first album Str8 from the Berry.
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“The call me dirty rice because you always catch me dressin’/Sharper than a shooter I’m a teach yo ass a lesson,” flowed the young fashionister on his song “Berry Fashionable, Berry Dangerous.”

MC Dirty Rice is the hottest thing to come out of New Iberia, Louisiana since the New Iberia Haircut became a world-wide fashion statement. Dirty Rice, aka Geoffrey Blanco, has been a popular underground rapper, often seen having rap battles with himself by the dumpsters behind Mr. Gatti’s, where he works.  

Dirty Rice says he got his rap name from locals because dresses so fly. “Shiit, I be dressing, baw! That’s how I got my rap-name. Respeck!” He told Southern Satire at the Mr. Gatti’s buffet as he restocked the croutons.  

His song “Berry Fashionable, Berry Dangerous” is a chart topper and they just filmed the music video and sent it off to BET for circulation. The video itself takes place at Kart Ranch in Lafayette, Louisiana. MC Dirty Rice was contacted last March by Cash Money Records and given a record deal. Cash Money Records is host to world reknowned artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Young Money, Tyga, etc, and is owned and operated by Lil Wayne’s estranged father, Bryan “Birdman” Williams (as well as his brother Slim).  

“Yea, man. I was on my way back to New Orleans on Highway 90 and I had diarrhea, so I pulled over in this broke-ass little town named New Iberia. I stopped at Mr. Gatti’s to get my shit on and this crazy-ass, milquetoast lookin’ mothafucka is spitting sick rhymes behind the restaurant with a fuckin’ family of raccoons as his audience. Man. Shit was weird as fuck, but ya boy was spittin’ some sick rhymes, ya heard me, ” said Birdman.

Dirty Rice Rapper
Str8 From Da Berry also includes a secret track called “Fuck Y’all, That’s All” ft Morris Bart.

Blanco is set to go on tour with Lil Wayne this fall, his first big show at Hakkasan in Las Vegas. “Yo. I wanna show dem bois what thuggin’ in the Berry is really like, ya heard me?” says Dirty Rice. “We gotta represent. I never thought my rap dreams would take me any further than Lafayette if we bein’ real right now. I’m ready to take on the entire nation, all 52 states.”

He states that his inspiration to rap came from his favorite song of all time, “New Iberia Haircut” by neogeon. He went out, bought a TracFone from the dollar store on Johnston Street, and opened a Soundcloud account, where all the the rap legends start their careers.

He has performed songs on his latest album, Str8 From Da Berry, with Lil’ Caesar, Louisiana State Representative Clay Higgins, as well as the billboard mogul Gordon McKernan. If you listen in on the album with great care, you’ll be delighted to find a secret song that is performed with attorney Morris Bart named “Fuck Y’all That’s All,” a play on his tagline, “One Call, That’s All.” Morris Bart sings the chorus and hook in the song:

Attorney Morris Bart
Fuck-f-fuck, f-fuck y’all that’s all!
Fuck-f-fuck, f-fuck y’all that’s all!
Fuck-f-fuck, f-fuck y’all that’s all!
Fuck-f-fuck y’all, bitch

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