Salt Truck in Louisiana
Due to a shortage at the Avery Island salt domes, beloved Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning is being used to salt the icy, snow-filled roads due to it's high salt content
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Sneauxpocalypse: An unprepared Southern Louisiana is facing a crisis as there are not enough foul-weather reserves of salt to condition the icy roads. The salt mines at Avery Island simply cannot keep up with the demand for the South.

In response to this emergency and in an effort for traffic to not become an episode of Ice Road Truckers, Governor Edwards came up with a creative solution.  

Opelousas, Louisiana is busy and bustling as dump trucks and sugarcane tractor-trailers line up to be filled with tons of Tony Chachere’s Cajun Seasoning. Each Parish in Southern Louisiana will receive a truck filled with Tony’s to salt their roads.  

Has anyone even seen Tony Chachere before? His cartoon is seriously spot on. Look at this fkn guy.

Salting icy roads and walkways lowers the freezing point of the water that forms ice which leads to melting and prevents falling snow or rain from being able to freeze. Tony’s seasoning was chosen due to its incredibly high salt content. 

It’s also used due to most residents utilizing different Cajun seasonings lately as Tony’s has fell off the map. Because of this, we can expect less residents filling up buckets full of the seasoning in preparation for crawfish season, which would render the solution null.  

This worked last winter as well as the city of Lafayette set the precedent by gritting the roads with Tony Chachere’s.

Cajun’s please be advised that while it may seem like “free Cajun seasoning,” this is meant to keep you and fellow Acadians safe. We urge you not to fill your pantries with the seasoning mix and remove it from the roads. Please stick with your Slap Yo Mama and Beazell’s Cajun seasoning. We know that it’s “gumbo weather,” but these measures are meant to keep our travels safe during the Sneauxpocalypse.