Drew Brees New Orleans Saints
Jaded Drew Brees creates a new record by playing an entire regulation game with a Rouse's Market rotisserie chicken instead of football.
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Do you think you know all of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees’ records? We bet that you don’t know about this one! He has never beaten nearly all NFL teams, 31 total, except for the Baltimore Ravens. You’ll never up how he amped himself up this season for the Ravens game!

Drew Brees ranks third amoung NFL passing touchdown leaders by total touch downs, currently sitting at 487 right behind Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. He is also the fastest in history to reach 70,000 passing yards.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface as he has multiple NFL records, New Orleans Saints franchise records, as well as many other accomplishments.

Drew Brees prepared himself by practicing with not a football, but he practices with a Rouse’s Market rotisserie chicken that he purchases for $5.99 before every practice. The bird is softer and very tender, so he’s learn to carry and pass it with care, something that some say has resulted in him being the GOAT.

He really fudged it last week however when he showed up to the gameĀ with his Rouse’s Market rotisserie chicken. Honestly, all of the refs noticed, but it was such an interesting, odd mistake that they just let him run with it. They wound up defeating the Atlanta Falcons in a major playoff wild card game upset by playing an entire regulation game with a rotisserie chicken. You’re not going to hear that from ESPN, only here at Southern Satire dot com!