snow car
The Sheriff's department is asking that people stop building cars out of snow to fool police.
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Fake Cars: Local police are asking residents to stop tricking them and wasting their got-dang time with fake cars made of snow that are parking illegally on the streets.

We know that you have a lot of time on your hands since you cant make it to school, but gosh darn it you’re keeping them too busy! The truth is, we need the local police departments to be able to respond to all of the accidents, generally people sliding off the roads and crashing into ditches when they were told to stay home in the first place.

It started when a Canadian man fooled police officers by building this DeLorean DMC-12 out of snow that was parked in a snow removal zone. Albeit, the police officer wrote the ticket before checking for a license plate, and looked like a fool for writing a ticket for a snow sculpture.

Locals are asked to enjoy this comical story, but not to do this because we need all of them to be able to respond to old ladies falling down and all of that jazz.