Tide Pods Lite
Tide Lite! Half the carbs, twice the flavor.
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Tide Pods Lite is a game-changer for those who are health-conscious, but still want to enjoy the incredible flavors and textures of Tide Pods!

With the recent rage and internet trend of American teenagers enjoying these delectable treats, Proctor & Gamble is releasing a new “Lite” version of Tide Pods that have half the carbs, twice the flavor!

We’re guessing that they’ve added real fruit juice and MSG to ensure that the taste of the Tide Pods is enhanced. The texture of the pods is now softer and more delicious than ever, for those aficionados that know a good detergent pod when they feel it on their palate.

Do you have a refined palate that can’t get enough of these tasty treats? Well bon appetit! These are now available at your local Dollar Store.

For those that are sticking to their New Year’s resolutions. Gain is releasing a new product called “Gainz” that features a whopping 16g of protein in each pod, guaranteed to make your workout worth it when your amino-acids start converting it into pure, solid muscle!

Also, be on the lookout for new flavors soon such as North Louisiana Pine Tree, Raging Roux, Delectable Dishwater, and Wild Muscadine.