Roaches adapt to winter
Update: Cockroaches still pretty active in New Iberia, no one surprised.
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Winter Update: You heard it here first. One would think that some good would come out of the Southern Louisiana snowstorms, but cockroaches in New Iberia have learned to adapt and overcome.

A local resident has observed them fabricating winter coats, mittens, and building tiny space heaters. They’re known to survive temperatures up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which is no surprise considering they can withstand nuclear disasters.

They are very resilient creatures, running up to three miles an hour at times, which is usually directly to New Iberia as it is prime breeding ground considering all of the garbage and trash that is available around the parish.

With the temperature down to nearly 9 degrees in Southern Louisiana, the crafty little pests have been seen wearing goggles, winter boots, scarves, and keeping their drinks warm in Yeti coolers. We reached out to one New Iberia cockroach family for a quick Q&A, but they declined to comment.