Frozen Crawfish
Frozen crawfish are being found all over Louisiana in their farming ponds!
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A State of Emergency was declared by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards this morning when local farmers went out to tend their ponds in the cold, snowy weather, only to find that the crawfish were already frozen!

Locals are worried that there wont be enough for Mardi Gras to enjoy at their crawfish boils with friends and families. Farmers are worried that the influx of frozen crawfish might be detrimental to their sales of live crawfish. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture is currently working with Louisiana State University experts to see what can be done to salvage the season.

Experts have recommended importing Chinese crawfish into the state in order to have enough for the Mardi Gras and Easter season. President Donald Trump commented today that because of stricter immigration laws, with would not be letting any more crawfish into the country. “No more Chinese immigrants, including crawfish. Bad deal! Won’t happen!” said the President.

Resident crawfish farmer Jerry Breaux from Jennings, Louisiana dropped by the studio to comment on the mornings findings, “Mais. We dont know what to do, sha. We go out dere in da mornin’ to harvest our crawfeesh in da fields and dey all float up to the top-top. How we gonna make ends-meet wit all of dese here frozen crawfeesh. We all know dat President Trump tinks that more Chinese crawfeesh ain’t da answer, dat.”

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