Struggling taxi driver does heartwarming things for patrons without money by accepting some sort of alternative payment.
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Fake Taxi: This is the tale of a warm-hearted taxi driver that is just trying to pay his bills however, his patrons just seem to never have their wallet.

He accepts cash, credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, even Bitcoin, but recently, he’s had to take on a new form of payment just to help out his local community and get by. Brad Ellington has been a taxi driver for over 3 years now. He has some sort of website that he works on in his spare time.

Lately, Brad has been talking about how difficult it is to pay the rent, and even maintain his vehicle, because every time he picks up a patron, they’re so strapped for cash and have something important to get to! He does the kindest thing he can for them and accepts alternative payment plans.

Fake Taxi deal
Taxi driver makes a deal with a local lady for an alternative payment for her fare.

We don’t know too much about the taxi company itself or his website, but we do know that we need more of this in the world, good Samaritans like Brad. His website is a hit with 19 to 35 year old male demographics and is a real traffic driver (pun intended). The headquarters for the firm is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and was founded by Feras Antoon.

Brad has given over 791 lovely young patrons “free” rides via Fake Taxi company. He does admit that he never gets paid, so it makes it very difficult to pay his own bills and rent.

“I just do what I can for the girls,” says Brad with tears in his eyes. “Some of them need helps so badly. They’re barely wearing any clothes, they don’t have money, and most of them are just so young with a bright future ahead of them,” as a single tear falls from Brad’s eye.” He wipes it with a wad of cash, which we found very odd, and turns his light back on, reading for the next patron that needs to be picked. up.

Fake Taxi video
Brad takes Angelle to her college freshman orientation. He takes a shortcut in order to save her a little money.

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