Hippo from Breaux Bridge
You've heard of the Loch Ness monster of Scotland, but did you know that there has been mysterious hippopotamus sightings in Lake Martin?
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Read here about how Louisiana lawmakers nearly imported hippopotamus in from Africa in 1910 to eat invasive hyacinth (water lilies) that clutter our local lakes and bayous. Rumor has it that there have been hippopotamus sightings at Lake Martin in Breaux Bridge, La, and this one rare photo proves it all.

Louisiana Congressman Robert Broussard suggested the idea to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that the state import the African hippopotamus in an effort to combat the invasive Japanese hyacinth, or water lilies, that were cluttering the bayous and causing problems. The idea was also sold on the fact that farmers could ranch the hippos, sell their meat for food, and brand them as “water cows,” because there is in fact hippo bacon!

The effort in congress failed by only one vote and the idea was never revisited. Don’t believe us? Here’s a recent article from Wired.com that covers hippo ranching in Acadiana as well as an article from local news station KATC-TV3.

But is there a Hippo in Lake Martin?

However, some residents of Breaux Bridge have questions just how far the state government took this idea considering that there have been mysterious sighting of hippo-like creatures in Lake Martin since at least the late 1920’s. Southern Satire’s featured image is the ONLY photograph known in existence of the mysterious legend of the Lake Martin Hippo.

Louisiana hippo bagon
In 1910, President Roosevelt supported a bill taht would have released hippopotamuses into Louisiana to eat an invasive plant species and have provided delicious hippo bacon to Americans.

The legend of the Lake Martin Hippo is still a mystery, with only a handful of people saying that they’ve seen the creature. Much like Scotland’s beloved Nessie at Loch Ness, if there is such a thing, then why aren’t there more photographs of it.

In search of proof of the Lake Martin Hippo, we investigate.

Local news station KATC-TV3 has asked recently that viewers submit photography, video, etc, as they begin an effort to comb through media for signs of hippo. The Lake Martin Hippo Conservation Society is a group that is working furiously around the clock to spot one. They pose a great question, how is it that Lake Martin is never crowded with water lilies like the surrounding bodies of water?

The rumor is that a handful of hippos were imported illegally by proposed hippo ranchers in an effort to get the hippo ranching business off the ground in the early 1900’s and that there are still some of them in the local lakes, bayous, and rivers. Who’s to say that there aren’t hippos secretly living deep in the swamp, in Duck Lake, in the Vermilion River, even the Bayou Teche!

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