canine influenza
Dog Flu, so hot right now. First it was bird flu, then swine flu, not it can affect what the world loves the most, dogs.
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Most dogs have no natural immunity to Canine Influenza Virus (CIV). What can we do to protect our good-boys from the dog-flu this season? If you’re dog is coughing, congested, and doesn’t want to go to work, it’s likely that he or she has contracted the respiratory virus. It’s not like you can just go grab him some Tami-Flu

dog flu mugatu
Dog Flu, so hot right now.

Symptoms of Dog Flu

The symptoms are coughing, decreased appetite, and lethargy, so if your dog is acting like your cat, there’s a chance that he has the flu. If there is green discharge coming from your canine pal’s nose or eyes, get to a veterinarian immediately.

Treatment for Dog Flu

Ensure that your pet has plenty of food and water. The dog flu will likely require IV fluids, antibiotics, and oxygen therapy according to PetMD.

 Can I catch the Flu from a Dog?

lol, no. You’re more likely to get dog flu from your ex than your pet.


First of all, you want to make sure that your doggo takes some time off of work and school. You would not want him to miss the Dog Parade this Mardi Gras. Ensure that they contact the HR department to let them know of their absence. Feed your pupper modest amounts of chicken noodle soup and Sprite.