Puppy Bowl Black Lab
The 2018 Puppy Bowl is cancelled due to outrage after a black lab shits on the turf during the National Anthem.
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We’re sorry if this ruins your Fantasy Puppy Bowl draft, but national news has reported that the 2018 Puppy Bowl is cancelled after a Black Labrador did the most unpatriotic thing possible, it took a massive dump on the turf during the national anthem. Fans are outraged at this atrocity!

Fans are boycotting the Puppy Bowl this year after learning that the young black Labrador just couldn’t wait until he was off of work until he protested the national anthem be defecating on the turf. Hardcore Puppy Bowl fans are outraged as the black lab was their number one Fantasy Puppy Bowl League draft pick this year.

This was going to be the best one yet as stars from all over American trained all year to perform on Animal Planet during the NFL Superbowl. Americans, being totally over the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, were excited to tune in. The lab puppy, JeBron, was not available for comment.

His manager and publicist did respond however. This is what they had to say:


Here’s what the fans have to say:

“It’s just an outrage and so un-American!” said Connie Broussard from Duson, Louisiana. “He couldn’t have done this on his own time? Our soldiers DIED for this Puppy Bowl and their freedom!”

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