Olde Time Grocery Louisiana
Olde Tyme Grocery of Lafayette, La, famous for their mediocre poboy sandwiches, finally ditches their archaic point of sale system and upgrades.
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Olde Tyme Grocery has done it! You heard it here first, folks. Do you remember the days when you wanted a poboy and Olde Tyme just hit the spot however, they didn’t accept credit or debit cards?

This state of the art (according to the poboy shoppe) register has color-coded buttons that are easy to use as the staff will use them to count red, green, and blue clams, which is their secondary currency next to cash.

You might remember trying to purchases a sandwich at Olde Tyme Grocery and they not accepting credit or debit cards like the rest of the civilized world, which was very upsetting to many people. Instead of getting an ATM to dispense cash, what did they do? They somehow found and provided an archaic machine that accepts debit and credit, and spits out a paper receipt as currency. I mean… how on Earth?

Olde Time Grocery Louisiana
The new Point of Sale system, designed especially for them by Fischer Price, is replacing this fancy piece of machinery that you see pictured here.

Some say that this occurred in an effort to show off to food journalist Anthony Bourdain who was in town for Mardi Gras 2018, but rumor has it that he threw his sandwich in the trash and went to Pop’s Poboys, a business that accepts credit and debit like normal human beings living in the 21st century. It’s also far superior as a restaurant to be honest.

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