Pharmacies stock up on handguns and ammo in an effort to make men for more masculine and powerful, culling low testosterone and psychiatric issues.
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Gun Culture: A new health mandate aims to prescribe GUNS as the new treatment for men with low testosterone. “Low T” is linked to erectile dysfunction, fatigue, depression, and a low sex drive.

Gun ownership obviously cures that by making the aged male feel like a total badass! Ask your doctor about GUNS today!

Here you see the Ageleless Male recommended loadout/dosage to make you feel more manly!

There is obviously something wrong with men in America when there is a circlejerk over the 2nd Amendment, you know the Molon Labe/Come and Take It guys? They drive lifted trucks with AR-15 & Glock Stickers on it, and parade around their handguns in public whilst petting them in line at the market.

Doctors have recently found that this personality disorder is linked to low testosterone! It seems that American men that feel emasculated somehow gain some sort of empowerment and identify as a human being, feeling more masculine and powerful by owning and carrying guns. Rather make adjustments by providing psychotherapy, establishing adequate gun control, or providing testosterone therapy, the Trump administration has mandated that doctors begin writing prescriptions for GUNS.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you might receive a .17 rodent rifle, a .22 caliber handgun, a 9mm Glock, a .45 Kimber, a .50 Desert Eagle, or for the most chronically emasculated individuals, a Bushmaster AR-15 with tactical modifications! In more severe cases, pharmacies may issue .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifles are even BAZOOKAS for the most chronically ill.

gun culture gravy
Captain B. Gravy of Meal Team Six shows off his new AR-15 and tactical gear prescribed to him in place of testosterone treatments for his low T.

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