VR Crawfish Experience
A new Virtual Reality game was developed for people who don't know how to peel crawfish such as children, Texans, and people who live North of I-10.
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The chart-topping game VR Crawfish Boil Simulator is now available via the Apple Store, Google Play, and at Play N’ Trade on Johnston Street.

Enjoy peeling crawfish casually, with a friend, or even race the clock! Can you peel crawfish faster than Troy from Swamp People? Can you out-peel three Cajun grandmothers? Easy-mode enables children, Texans, and people that live North of I-10 to enjoy the game as well.

The game has been released on Oculus Rift and can also be downloaded in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. If you haven’t got your hands on a a virtual reality set, you can purchase one at Play N’ Trade on Johnston Street. The kit comes with the head/eye unit, haptic gloves, earphones, and a pack of Zatarain’s crawfish boil so that all of your senses are utilized. You can even rub crawfish seasoning into your hang-nails for full effect!

Can you peel crawfish faster than Troy from Swamp People? Challenge him in the game!

The game was initially designed to assist in teaching “Cajuns” that live North of I-10 how to peel crawfish, since we all know that they’re not real Cajuns. The least we could do is try to help them. The game designer, James L. Ducote, also stated that it could be used for rehabilitation purposes. He hopes to see this in physical therapy practices in Acadiana as it will assist in utilizing motor function coordination and dexterity to peel the VR crawfish.

Enjoy the fun side games! There are also games where you stir the crawfish pot, add seasoning, shotgun beers, and fist-fight with your neighbors or even the cast of Duck Dynasty. The staff’s personal favorite is the crawfish harvesting game where you get to run traps in a pirouge and deliver the crawfish to the market.

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  • sit in traffic in front of Chick-Fil-A on Ambassador Cafferey
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  • shell crawfish (you can even suck the heads)!
  • throw beads in a virtual Mardi Gras celebration
  • stand atop a semi truck like Gordon McKernan
  • paddle the Bayou Teche in a pirouge
  • toss a football with Drew Brees
  • shell peas with grandma while she goes on a racist rant
  • visit some of your favorite Acadiana establishments: Avery Island, the Acadiana zoo, even the Target on Northside!