Parkland AR-15
President Trump is considering issuing child-friendly AR-15s in response to mass shootings in the United States.
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In response to the gun crisis in the United States, President Donald Trump has responded recent mass shootings within the US school system by putting aside funds to acquire kid-friendly AR-15 rifles and cartoon-themed MOLLE pack bug-out-bags filled with supplies that can be used, including stun grenades.

The rifles are child-size .223 caliber and come in many different formats. The kid-friendly rifles have 1lb triggers for tiny hands and come in designs for boys, girls, and also gender-friendly options. In an effort to ensure that there is no discrimination, President Trump is also ensuring that children with Special Needs will be accommodated with guns that fit their handicaps.

Combat Wheelchair
DARPA developed this wheelchair with a gun-mount that is kid-friendly and easy to operate in such a case where a special needs student needs to assist in a mass shooting exercise.

To read more about the mandates, here is this article about guns & ammo being prescribed for men with low testosterone. This is a healthcare win!