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Lafayette Police Department Reports 85% Increase In Cajun Meme Theft Within Past Year
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Lafayette Consolidated Government released a statement via Chief of Police Toby Aguillard with concerns of theft of “Cajun Memes” that has rocketed to 85% of the 2017 reported cases. It’s reported that Clay Higgins has been tasked with busting the Meme Thief Gang. Please call or text Crimestoppers to submit tips.

The suspected Meme Thief is a white male in his early thirties that lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has been tracked by LPD Internet Crime Division and will be formally charged with Meme Theft (Felony, first offense) for stealing memes from a shitty factory of some sort.

Meme police, meme police. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Clay Higgins, formally of Crimestoppers in some shitty Southern Louisiana town, is flying back from Washington after discovering a rogue group of bandits that are stealing Cajun Memes. The theft has dramatically increased in the past year and is ramping up. LPD is establishing an Internet Crime Division to tackle meme theft.

Recently, groups such as Cajun Memes, CajUUUn Memes, and Cajun Meme Factory have had Cajun memes stolen from right under their noses and reposted in clear, broad daylight. It has become obvious that the meme thief totally doesn’t care about all of the Bud, sweat, and tears it takes to make original content in the lucrative market of Cajun memes.

“I wake up at 5am, grab my cup of Community coffee, and I get to work making Cajun memes,” said the owner of Cajun Meme Factory. “My livelihood is being RUINED by these dang meme thieves!”

It’s been reported that the memes are being resold on the deep web black meme market known as “Meme Road.” Higgins stated that he already put in the work to put away the Gremlin Gang, so this should be no-brainer.

Hide yo wife, hide you memes. They stealin’ everything out here!

Please remember to lock your doors, close your garage, and stash away your Cajun memes in your Meme Safe. No one is safe from this wicked gang of meme thieves. If you would like to see the DANKEST Cajun memes, spicier than the last batch of crawfish, check out
Real Cajun Meme Factory!

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