Memorial day bbq in case you thought it was about bbq.
Yea, yea. We heard you last year. We know.
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For the 9th year in a row, Brad Touchet has reminded everyone on his Facebook friends list that “Memorial Day is about the troops, not BBQ” as he lights his BBQ pit to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday.

“I almost joined the Army once,” stated Brad, as he slammed another Bud Light. Be like Brad and celebrate it right!

We have to hear about it every single year. Memorial Day is about remembering those that gave their lives for their country, making the ultimate sacrifice. If you really want to celebrate the holiday right, please don’t thank veterans for their service as this is not Veteran’s Day.

This comes from a decorated Navy veteran, let’s remember the difference between the two holidays.

Let’s be realistic; keep those in mind however, enjoy a holiday with your family and celebrate freedom. Eat some steak, some burgers, and slip Aunt Margaret a beer or two when the rest of the family isn’t looking, even though she isn’t supposed to have it with her meds.

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