weird man
Weird Uncle TeeTee arrested, again, after causing a domestic dispute by eating all of the fried chicken skins.
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Eye witnesses say that Weird Uncle TeeTee crossed the line when he discretely opened a box of Mama’s Fried Chicken and ate all of the fried chicken skins. This is the third arrest in which a domestic dispute ensued due to Toby “TeeTee” Fontenot ruining Fried Chicken Friday at the Fontenot household.

Scott Police Department received a domestic dispute phone call this Friday as Weird Uncle TeeTee managed to ruin another family dinner. Toby “TeeTee” Fontenot is no stranger to Scott PD as he always manages to find is way back to the local jail.

His sister, Stacey Fontenot, says “We were preppin’ for dinner when I noticed that the dang fried chicken box was gone and T-Rob found TeeTee in the horse trailer eatin’ all the damn chicken skins off the chicken. That son of a bitch!”

Stacey told us that “Everyone knows that it’s the best part of the chicken from Mama’s Fried Chicken,” a local treasure to the community. We all know that Uncle TeeTee has an eye for trouble and always tends to cross the line at family events. Neighbors and family members say that he needs to take a long look at himself and his life.

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