stop sign
Patrick the Pole is the resident sign at a Wal-Mart location in Bayou Vista, Louisiana that is being repeatedly hit by customers and now they are memorializing his efforts.
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A community is memorializing the hard work and dedication of the a sign at a local Wal-Mart shopping center that just cannot get a break. Due to a poorly designed parking lot, customers repeatedly hit this pole with their vehicles and it’s hilarious. There are poles like this all over the State and US! #PatrickPole

This pole has become a regional, viral sensation over night as individuals are reporting crash after crash. I suppose that people just don’t see it or maybe that Patrick has some sort of magnetism that just draws idiots straight into it.

pole crash
Patrick the Pole has now become a regional, viral meme. Here is Patrick’s cousin, Lil’ Slam.

Some say that Patrick the Pole is made of Unobtainum and is utterly indestructible. We should send it to LSU to be studied.

If you hit Patrick, Get Gordon and Get it Done!
Patrick the Pimp is in your DMs like this.
Who needs a border wall when we have Patrick to stop literally everything?
FINALLY! Bayou Vista is known for something other than having a Wal-Mart and a Taco Bell.

Please share this in order to give Patrick the Pole the recognition that he deserves. He’s kept body shops and insurance agents in business since at least 1994.