New Orlean's owned Zatarain's Crab Boil plans to release limited edition bath bombs just in time for Christmas!
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Zatarain’s, beloved New Orleans seasoning manufacturer, is releasing limited runs of crab boil bath bombs. Rumor is that if you find a golden shrimp head in one, you get to tour the entire factory! Ain’t that some Willy Wonkeaux shit?

The company stated in a news released that instead of buying an entire jar or bottle of liquid, that the crab boil would be released as a “bath bomb” in an effort to prepare for the gift giving holidays. Who wouldn’t want a bath bomb for their crawfish pot this Easter?

It is said that the Zatarain’s bath bombs will be moderately priced at or around the same price as a big jar of Cajun seasoning.

The company, in haste, seems to have not considered that it’s entirely possible that unassuming Cajuns might throw this in their bathtub or hot tub. Can you imagine having crawfish boil touching your crawfish hole? Yikes! Ouch!

Either way, we’re really excited for the Cajun bath bombs to be released and fully intend on having one of our writers bath with it. Could they also be considering soap, shampoo, conditioners, and other bath products? Time will tell!