The I-10 Caravan has arrived from Shreveport in an effort to gain access to Southern crawfish.
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The Cajun Navy deployed troops at the I-10 border in Lafayette, LA today as Shreveport migrants arrived at the border in an effort to take our jobs and our crawfish.

The Cajun Navy utilized tear gas and pepper spray made from Tony Chachere’s on migrants from Northern Louisiana as they crossed the I-10 border wall and began working the crawfish ponds West of Lafayette. Most individuals settled around Rayne, Louisiana (aka “Frog City” as they had heard it was close to the Boudin Capital of the World.

President Trump has warned that these individuals are “very bad people” who only want to consumer our boudin, take our crawfish, and run off with our old ladies. The recent crackdown is an effort to stop Faux Cajun Migrants in the caravan and the official headquarters of the resistance group has taken up quarters at Don’s Speciality Meats, which is more or less the mecca of Cajun culture.

Pierre Boudreaux told Southern Satire News in a special interview, “Yeah, we holed up here at Don’s trying to protect our culture and way of life from these fake Cajun freaks. First it’s our crawfish ponds, then it’s our boudin capital. What’s next? Are they gonna try to take over Meche’s Donuts? Not on my watch!”

The migrant caravan is crafty and has been evading the Department of Homeland Security for sometime now. If you happen to encounter the migrant caravan, please do not engage. Call your local sheriff and hide all of your gratons.

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