Duraflame releases new Southern Scents collections.
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Make this holiday extra special by using these scented logs in your fireplace! With these new logs, starting at the low cost of $3.99, you can fill your home with fresh Southern scents such as boudin, cracklins, crawfish boil, dark roux, MawMaw’s Unwashed Magnalite, Cane’ Season, and Room 103 of the LessPay motel, just like old times!

Sources state the Cane’ Season log features REAL pieces of sugar cane that will burn and fill your home with those long, black pieces of ash that one experiences inhaling during cutting season! How cool!

Customers are sending in their requests for new scents and business is thriving for the Duraflame corporation. Some of the latest scent requests have been Fish Fry, King Cake, pissy Bourbon Street, beigents, Funky Swamp,  Morgan City Musk, Taco Bell Bathroom, Donald Trump’s underpants, and KATC3 Meterologist Rob Perillo’s goatee.

We can’t wait to try these for ourselves! You can pick up your logs at your local Rouse’s SuperMarket today. These make perfect gifts for family and friends, especially those who live outside of Louisiana and miss the nostalgia of that sweet, sweet Morgan City Musk of the seawall.

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