Uber Pirogue
Cajun Uber Pirogue
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Uber is here! In an attempt to enter the 21st century, the City of Breaux Bridge has partnered with logistic giants UBER to bring UberPirogue services to the Bayou Teche.

This is wonderful news for the City of Breaux Bridges. Cajun UberX, a partner of Uber, is offering job opportunities to out of work Cajuns in the Breaux Bridge area. The I-10 hub will be offering pirogue rides down the Bayou Teche at the price of 2 links of boudin per passenger. The organization stated that they can’t pay Breaux Bridge residents in US Dollars as they have yet to confirm to American standards just yet.

This is an excellent opportunity for tourism as well as offering rides to and from work for those who work in Lafayette parish. Business partners are also stating that there may be an adjacent need for airboat operators to get commuters to work on time in a more timely fashion. Please apply at www.SouthernSatire.com for more information.

This is also a great opportunity to get home from work without a DUI when you go party at Cowboys on the weekends!