Popeye's releases a new menu to celebrate the last fried chicken buffet in America.
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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, owned by the infamous Al Copeland, celebrates a new menu for patrons at its Lafayette, Louisiana location that is known to have the last, and only, Popeyes fried chicken buffet in the world.

You read that right. There is a surviving Popeyes buffet in Lafayette. This is the apex of the fried chicken dynasty that begin in 1972 in New Orleans. What you need to know is that on 3500 Pinhook Road, you can DESTROY a $9 Popeyes buffet. Come one, come all. Load up your motor scooters on the back of the van after you visit the local “Wal-Marks” on Sunday. You just have to remember to get their before the Baptists do.

What we’re here to talk about however, is obviously the new item: the jalapenis chicken poopers, guaranteed to satisfy your Nana! If you’re looking for even more great articles about food, we’ve got you covered. Here’s one about the latest Southern CRAZE: spaghetti stuffed King Cake. It’s here just in time for Mardi Gras, cher!