Hippies converge on Festival Internationale de Louisiane this week.
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Festival International de Louisiane is here. You know what that means! Crowds, Bud Light, Native American wind flute bands, and the ominous hippie drum circle. They’re usually harmless besides their smell of funk mixed with cheap cigarettes and patchouli oil.

During hippy drum circle practice this week at the Horse Farm, something deep and dark occurred as the hippies seemed to somehow invoke the ghastly spirit of Sharon Moss.

Artist’s rendering of the ghastly apparition. “Yoooooou’re the BooooosSsSs.”

The team that is working hard to bring Festival Internationale de Louisiane to the community is asking the hippy group to please, please, please, refrain from summoning dark spirits to the festival grounds. It’s tough enough that we have to experience the drum circle and there incessant offers to “sip their tea” from the old gallon jug, but this is just too much.

Southern Satire would like to remind you to be responsible, don’t drink and drive, and please do not interfere with the drum circle unless they seem like they’re invoking something of the dark lord.