Facebook users let Russian organization harvest metadata from their phones with age AI rendering application.
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Users worldwide are downloading the Faceapp phone application that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce a very realistic rendering of their photographs that make them look twice or three times their current age.

It is said that over 150 million Facebook users are already allowed permissions to access their cameras, their photographs, and their Facebook login credentials. What is curious is that the app permissions allows the harvesting of metadata from the photo library of ones device. This means that they potentially have thousands upon thousands of photographs with information that includes, GPS coordinates, names, numbers, locations, etc.

It is known that foreign governments, Russia, have successfully entered American servers that handle voting polls. The fact that a Russian organization in St. Petersburg, Russia is being let into American devices in the tune of tens of millions new accounts per day should be very concerning, especially since our democratic election for US President and campaigning begins very soon.