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Join T-Mike, a nutria trapper, and his paranormal investigative team as they search for the rougarou and other nefarious ghosts in New Iberia, Louisiana. Crazy T-Mike leads viewers on a paranormal journey in an effort to discover mythical creatures from the swamps of New Iberia.

Some examples of investigations in the “Berry” include the screaming apparition of Super 1 Foods, the poltergeist of Hot Wok, the Phantom of the New Iberia DMV, the bowling alley demon of stank, the vampire of Meche’s Donuts, the phantasm of Jane’s Seafood, and the wraith of Shadow’s on the Teche.

In episode one, we see T-Mike and his crew seek out the phantasm of Jane’s Seafood that is regularly caught sneaking tomatoes into the gumbo, upsetting patrons of the restaurant by and large. The demon of stank at the local bowling is known to tie together the shoes of unsuspecting T-boys and rig the games so that the pins don’t fall. We see T-Mike hootin’ and hollering as he graces the Travel Channel with an exciting new series full of classic levee-rat debauchery.

Come pass a good time with the newest episodes of Ghosts of New Iberia. Aye-ieeeeeeeeeeee!