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The schoolboard is replacing school buses with airboats in hopes to make school more accessible for residents of the Morgan City area. Click here to apply!

In an effort to better educate the folks of Morgan City, Louisiana, the Parish has decided to replace all school buses with airboats as it will make it far easier access the boonies which are Morgan City, Louisiana. The change comes with all of the revenue that was brought in via the series “Ghost of Morgan City,” in which people visited the haunted areas of Morgan City.

The airboats are painted school bus yellow and operated by retired crawfish farmers from Morgan City. This is a very defining moment for the city as it’s main source of income is operating shrimp boats at the Port of Morgan City’s stinky sea-wall.

We are very happy to see that people from Bayou L’ourse and those around Lake Palourde will finally have access to an education vice living in the swamp and eating nutria rats.