Naughty Child Toby Blanchard EATS elf the a shelf.
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Elf on the Shelf is cancelled this year after a story breaks that naughty child Toby Blanchard from Bayou Vista, Louisiana got a hold of the elf and put it in the air fryer. Elves are now on strike and refusing to participate this holiday in fear that more Cajun children will eat them.

We know that Cajuns will eat nearly anything, but no one expected this. Little Toby saw the Elf arriving on the home’s Ring camera and grabbed ahold of him immediately. After removing the elf’s costume, authorities say that the child tossed the elf in an air fryer for 15 minutes at 350F and finished it with some Tony’s and an Abita Root Beer.

When asked if he regrets his decision to eat the poor elf, the child stated, “My only regret was that the elf was so gristly.” He also stated that it tasted a bit like bullfrog.